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Armstrong Kover Kwick

AKK Wiper Bars

Wiper Bars

Tough, Synthetic Composition for
Superior Strip Cleaning and Roll Wiping

AKK Wiper Bars are ideal for cleaning backup work rolls and removing excess fluid and contaminants from flat rolled metals without marking or scratching. AKK Wiper Bars are made from non-woven synthetic fibers that are compressed and formed into a rigid, porous structure. They are resilient enough to resist tearing, chunking, or fraying caused by sharp, jagged edges, yet are compressible so that they can follow typical changes in surface topography with consistent and firm pressure. Depend on AKK wiper bars to remove excess fluids and reduce surface defects caused by solution-related contamination.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Resiliency and Durability
  • Maintains Uniform Surface Contact
  • Removes and Absorbs Debris and Oxides
  • High Resistance to Sharp Edges
  • Complete Range of Densities
  • Fabricated to Your Specifications

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