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Armstrong Kover Kwick

Kwiksaddle from AKA


Patented, Easy-to-Use Drag Pad Attachment System

Always on the edge of innovation, AKK developed the patented KwickSaddle® system for attaching drag pads to slitting line tension boards. KwickSaddle® reduces labor, downtime, and wear on tension boards. The self-adhering gripper layer eliminates nails, staples, and mechanical fasteners. Your drag pad clings tightly during production, but releases easily for drag pad change-out. Custom polycarbonate KwickSaddles protect your tension boards from cuts and gouges. They can be designed to fit any specification. Matching AKK tension boards are made of durable laminated hardwood treated with an oil-proof coating.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced Labor and Downtime
  • No Mechanical Fasteners
  • 40% Less Drag Pad and Maintenance Costs
  • Clings Tightly, Releases Easily

401 Sproul Street, McKees Rocks, PA 15136